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  • Rooibos Loose Leaf Stokkies Tea

    Rooibos Loose Leaf Stokkies Herbal Tea – Caffeine-Free


    Rooibos Loose Leaf Stokkies Herbal Tea – Caffeine-Free

    Create your own Healthy Rooibos tea infusion the way your Grandmother did.

    Tea Characteristics: Pleasant Sweet Vanilla Aroma with Light Berry and Soft Caramel notes. Amber Cup Infusion.
    Loose leaf Stokkies tea creates a Stronger, more Flavoursome Infusion in a much Shorter time as the boiling water is in direct contact with the tea leaves.

    1kg of Loose Tea is Equivalent of up to 500x Teabags. Buy Bulk and Save!

    How to: 2g to 4g (1/2tsp to 1tsp) to 250ml boiling water. Boil directly in Teapot and strain or place in Tea Strainer.
    Steep for 3-7min. Leave in water for a Stronger Infusion. Suitable for Multiple Infusions.

    Rooibos Tea is said to be Suitable for Children, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. May help to Stimulate Milk Production.
    Whole Bulk Local Rooibos tea. Stove top tea. Traditional South African Beverage.
    Herbal Medicinal Tea. Source of Antioxidants like Aspalathin and Quercetin.
    Rooibos Los Stokkies Tee. Teepot Stoof Tee.
    Product of South Africa. High Quality Tea
    Please Note: This product is a bulky product to ship and thus its Shipping Volumetric Weight is x1.67 product weight.